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The main purpose of the creation of this form is to create a database where we keep contact details of SEMFE Alumni up to date, to benefit not only SEMFE Alumni, but may also serve as a starting contact point for Undergraduate SEMFE Students who may want to pursue studies abroad, or are looking for a job, networking, etc.

The inputs of this form will be entered into a database available to the members of (see: Once we confirm your profile you will be granted access to the "SEMFE Alumni Members Area" where you will be able to receive job/ internships announcements and find contact details of other SEMFE Alumni, among other benefits. Please keep your details up to date by editing it once you have an update!

For any comments and feedback please contact us at: We will do our best to respond to you ASAP.

** PLEASE respect the format of your responses, EXACTLY as in the examples given below **

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First Name *
Please insert here all your first names (in case you have more than one!). You may want to put in parentheses your preferable name of calling you. E.g. "Elpiniki (Niki)", or "Georgia (Gogo)", or "Konstantinos Panagiotis Ektoras (Panos)".
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Last Name *
Please insert here all your last names (in case you have more than one!)
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Gender *
Please let us know your gender. This will be used for statistical purposes of analyzing SEMFE Alumni data.
I am currently living in... *
PLEASE respect the following format of your response: <City> (<Country>), e.g. "Athens (Greece)", or "Karditsa (Greece)", or "London (UK)", or "Charlottesville (VA, USA)". Indeed, we do know that "Athens" is in Greece, but your inputs are automatically mapped to a "map of SEMFE Alumni" (see, and our script accepts only answers of the form "City (Country)".
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Contact me for information about graduate studies after SEMFE *
e.g. Another SEMFE Alumnus/a wants to study for a PhD/ Master at a University you have also studied. Should he/ she contact you for further information?
Contact me for job related matters *
e.g. Another SEMFE Alumnus/a wants more info about a company you have been associated with, so far. Should he/ she drop you an email and gain more insights?
Contact me if you need a place to stay and passing by the city I am currently living! *
e.g. A SEMFE Alumnus/a is having a conference in the city you are now (e.g. London). Is it possible to crash at your place for some nights and save some costs? Or, would you be available to show him/ her around?
Contact email *
This is the email to be used by other SEMFE Alumni to contact you. E.g.
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Google mail (gmail)
Please provide a Gmail account email (if you have one!). At this point, this is requested in order to access the "SEMFE Alumni Directory" we are building and the private members' area of In the future, this field will not be needed when we move away from the current Google site.
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Currently working as... *
Please insert here your current job title in the format <job title> (<company>). E.g. "M.Sc. Student in Financial Economics (Imperial)", or "Analyst (Accenture)". Please insert "-", if unemployed, and update your details once you find a job by sending an email to Konstantinos Stouras (
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Universities/ research centers I have been associated with, AFTER graduating from SEMFE... *
Please list all the universities/ research institutions you became a student/ researcher/ etc AFTER graduating from SEMFE and separate them with comma (","). E.g. "ETH, University of Amsterdam, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), CERN". Please insert "-" if not applicable.
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Companies I have been associated with so far... *
Please list all the companies you worked for/ did your internship at, so far and separate them with comma (","). E.g. "McKinsey and Company, MRB, Frontistirio Othisi, Ekpaideytiria Kosteas Geitonas, CERN". Please insert "-" if not applicable.
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Industries I am related to... *
Please list here the industries you are related to, that best describe your overall professional profile.
Academic/ (research) interests (optional)
If you chose "Research" above please describe here your research interests and fields of your academic expertise. E.g.: combinatorial and convex optimization, quantum mechanics, applied and computational mathematics and applications in string theory
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SEMFE entry year *
The year you entered SEMFE, e.g. "2001".
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SEMFE graduation year *
The year you graduated from SEMFE, e.g. "2006". If you are about to graduate, you may reply with your best estimate of graduating year: e.g. "2018".
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(Strongly recommended) My LinkedIn public address link is...
Please provide here your FULL LinkedIn public link including the "https://" part. E.g. is the LinkedIn profile of a SEMFE 2010 Alumnus. Having this link is crucial if other SEMFE Alumni want to get the most up-to-date information about yourself in the future (assuming that people update their LinkedIn profile regularly ;-)!).
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(Desirable if applicable) My webpage is...
Please provide here the FULL link to your personal webpage including the "https://" part, if applicable. This should be of interest to SEMFE Alumni with academic/ research interests, among others.
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Preferred way to contact you *
How should another SEMFE Alumnus/a try to contact you in the future?
Have you paid the Annual Subscription fee to SEMFE Alumni Association? *
Our Association has various operating costs including legal costs, fixed costs to maintain our website, and costs to organize Presentations and socializing events at SEMFE on an annual basis. Kindly send us by email ( a proof of paying the Annual Subscription Fee to SEMFE Alumni Association (a picture of the receipt would work, and we will get back to you!).
(optional) Where did you hear about this form?
(optional) Comments
Let us know what we could have done better, or whether you liked this whole project to find all SEMFE Alumni and stay in touch. Any feedback? What should we develop in the future? Thank you in advance!!
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