2017 PDXOS Tour Goer's Survey
This survey is for anyone who went on the 2017 Portland Open Studios Tour for at least one day.
By filling out this survey you will be entered into our Prize Drawing (a second time if you've already filled out a paper form).
1) Please provide your name
Your contact information will not be sold or shared with anyone ever.
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2) Please provide your email address *
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3) Which days did you attend the Tour? (mark all that apply)
4) What is your age?
5) What is your annual household income?
6) How many times have you been on the Tour since it began in 1999?
7) How many people went on the tour with you?
If your group took multiple cars, count the entire group
8) In total, about how many artists did you visit?
9) How important were the following factors in choosing which artists to visit?
Not a factor at all
Not very important
Somewhat important
Very Important
Media of artists
Images of their artwork
Location of their studios
Know one or more of the artists
10) Where do you live?
11) Where were the studios located that you visited? (mark all that apply)
12) For the artist(s) you enjoyed most, what made your visit so great? (mark all that apply)
13) Please share the names of any artists' studios you particularly enjoyed and why.
We love to pass compliments on to the artists!
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14) Which version(s) of the Tour Guide did you use this year? *
15) How well did the Tour Guide or App work for you?
Please remark if you experienced issues like The App sent you to the wrong address or You wish the Tour Guide still had the calendar element or that You love the new format, et cetra
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16) How did you hear about Portland Open Studios this year? (mark all that apply)
17) During the tour, did you make purchases? (Select all that apply)
18) How satisfied were you with your Portland Open Studios experience?
Very Satisfied
19) What changes would improve your overall experience?
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20) Are you an artist?
Professional, amateur, student, hobbyist, whatever
21) Do you follow us on social media? (mark all that apply)
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