NZ and AUS Canopy Piloting Championships
NZ and Australia 2020 Canopy Piloting Championships
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Do you hold an NZPIA parachute certificate with D endorsement and have you paid your annual affiliation fees? *
NZPIA require everyone to have an operating AAD UNLESS you meet the exemption criteria. Do you meet the requirements. *
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For the judges and scoring we need details of each canopy you will be using and for which discipline. Please detail each canopy size, type and colour and what discipline you are using it for. *
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I understand that by completing this form: *I am registering to participate in the National CP Championships 2020 and that my registration fee is non-refundable. *It is my responsibility to ensure I understand the rules of the competition I am entering. *I agree to abide by the rules outlined by Skydive Auckland, APF/NZPF as listed in the APF Sporting Code. *Failure to complete payment by 29 February will incur a further $150 late registration fee. *
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