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You are applying for a TV position at Miracle Bible Camp. The Teen Volunteer Information document is available here ---> *
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Preferred Weeks of Service:
Let us know your first, second, and third choice of when you would like to be a TV (NOTE: Younger TV's will generally be used at younger weeks of camp) CLICK ONLY THREE CIRCLES
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Adventure Camp June 15-19 Grades 6-9
Elementary 1 June 22-26 Grades 4-6
Jumpstart June 29- July 1 Grades 1-3
Elementary 2 July 6-10 Grades 4-6
Kids Camp July 13-17 Grades 1-3
Jr. High Girls July 20-24 Grades 7-9
Jr. High Guys July 27-31 Grades 7-9
Returning TV's are required to have 1 recommendation form from a youth leader/ pastor. *
You can find and print the recommendation forms from
Staff Lifestyle Standards Lifestyle: *
MBC Staff is expected to follow, to the best of their ability, with the aid of the Holy Spirit, a Christian way of life including but not limited to the following:  *Love for all people demonstrated consistently.  *Joy in their relationship with Christ and in their ministry at Miracle Bible Camp.  *Peace rather than agitation in the face of the many difficulties associated with camp life and group living.  *Kindness especially to those who need help and encouragement.  *Goodness, that is, Christ-likeness.  *Faithfulness in carrying out all responsibilities to God and to the ministry of Miracle Bible Camp.  *Gentleness in speech and in all dealings with campers and staff.  *Self-control in temper, tongue and body.  *Honesty, never speaking anything but the truth.  *Modesty in appearance, clothing and actions.
MBC Staff is expected to avoid: *
*Drugs (including alcohol and nicotine) which have not been prescribed by a physician.  *Stealing from people or from Miracle Bible Camp.  *Sexual immorality.  *Critical conversation which hurts individuals or weakens the ministry of MBC. If you have a complaint, voice it to the person involved, the program director or the camp director and to no one else.  *Dating and public displays of affection during camp. These can distract counselors from their primary ministry and can be badly misunderstood by imaginative campers. (Counseling staff that are married are exempt from this, as tasteful display of affection can be healthy modeling.)  *If there is a serious breach of a counselor’s responsibility in job or lifestyle and all reasonable efforts have been made to resolve the problem by the program director, the camp director and the individual involved, the counselor may be relieved of his or her responsibility and asked to leave.
Personal appearance *
These principles were created with considerations of individual expression, professionalism, and perspectives and comfort of guests. Staff members are expected to contribute to the fulfillment of Miracle Bible Camp’s mission by maintaining job-appropriate the following standards.  *Proper personal hygiene, which includes routine mouthcare (e.g. teethbrushing), regular bathing, and daily use of deodorant. Hair is to be clean, groomed, and colored in natural tones (exceptions include skits and theme costuming). For men, hair longer than shoulder length is to be pulled back in a pony tail, and facial hair in beards, mustaches, and sideburns is to be neatly trimmed.  *Body alterations, such as cosmetics, jewelry, and tattoos may be displayed if non-excessive and in a manner that does not convey or imply messages or lifestyles that contradict camp’s mission. With the exceptions of earrings for females, jewelry may not be worn in any visible body piercing.  *Uniform and appearance standards. Clothing that is regarded as inappropriate for all employees includes short shorts, words on the butt, halter or tube tops, tight or midriff-baring shirts, spaghetti straps, Goth styling, and two-piece or otherwise immodest swimwear. Undergarments (e.g. bras, boxers, underwear) are to be kept covered. Shirt graphics must not convey, imply, or promote messages or lifestyles that contradict the camp’s mission. Unless involved in waterfront events or male-only recreation or work activities, men are to keep their shirts on when on the grounds.  *Summer staff members are not to undergo major or radical body altering changes in hair coloring, hair styling, tattoos or in body piercings from the time of hire through the end of summer employment.  *The program director will be responsible in interpreting and enforcing these standards. In sensitive topic areas, the general practice will be male talk with male staff and female talk with female staff. In matters of dispute, camp’s Board of Directors has charged the camp director with the final say in determining what is appropriate. In view of the subjectivity, individuality, and diverse cultural preferences in matters of dress and appearance, camp’s leadership is grateful for employee cooperation and support as we work together to provide the best possible experience for our guests.
Statement of Faith *
We accept the following Biblical Doctrines:  The verbal inspiration of the original texts of the Bible, both Old and New Testaments.  The personality of the God of Creation, Government, Redemption, and Judgment.  The substance of One God in three equal persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  The Essential Deity and the true humanity of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The inherent depravity of humanity, through the disobedience of Adam, and sinfulness of all man by choice.  The complete satisfaction made for sins of mankind by the Substitutionary Death of Jesus Christ on the Cross.  The necessity and possibility of repentance and faith in Christ as atoning Savior, these graces wrought alone by the Holy Spirit with human consent.  The bodily resurrection of Christ and all men.  Justification from all sin through faith alone in Christ.  The personality of the Holy Spirit.  The eternal salvation of the saved.  The unending conscious punishment of the unsaved.  The personality of Satan, the Devil.  The imminent pre-Millennial return of Christ to judge the world and establish divine rule.
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