Global Shiva Panchakshari Japam  Feb - Jul 13th 2022 (Guru Poornima)
Om Namah Shivaya!

 It was inspiring to see the outpouring love of devotees from over 85 countries in chanting more than 13+ Crores (130 million) of Maha Shiva Panchakshari mantra the past two years. The powerful energy of this mantra dissolves lifetimes of negative karma, provides wealth and prosperity, promotes health and longevity, and removes ignorance to shine forth the light of the Supreme Self. Amma has called upon her children once again to restart the japam to bring about much needed healing of Mother Earth.

Many people are continuously being impacted in one way or another with hardships due to Pandemic, malefic effects of certain planets, and the unfoldment of karma. From the escalation of health problems, family and relationship troubles to the environmental disasters on a global level, the current state of imbalance is impacting all of us. Out of her immense love and compassion, Her Holiness Amma Sri Karunamayi has been performing many Yagnas, Pujas, and Homas and has been in deep meditation for the wellbeing of everyone.

Amma said "Shiva is the most merciful and the most benevolent. He is pure consciousness. Bhagavan means perfection, auspiciousness, inner strength and detachment. He is the benediction of fearlessness and immense compassion, grace and mercy. He who does Japa of this Panchakshara is freed from births and deaths and attains eternal bliss. Chanting the sacred and powerful Bija Aksharas is therapy to both body and mind. Chanting this mantra with sincere devotion will bring one to realize divine inner insight to overcome any challenges."

Let us all come together in chanting this maha mantra to intensify our sadhana to receive Shankar Bhagavan’s grace and to bring the world back to balance with the powerful healing vibrations. Amma recommends anywhere from 30 min to 1.5+hrs of mantra japam daily to keep ourselves charged. We are requesting everyone to chant 1008+ per day until Guru Poornima (July 13th, 2022).  It will take approximately 25 minutes to chant 1008 (~10 malas).

1. Please start chanting from the day you sign up.
2. You can chant any time of the day as per your convenience.
3. You do not need to complete the entire count in one sitting.
4. If you are unable to continue, please let us know via email (
5. If you miss a day, please make up your count in the next few days.
6. You do not need to email us daily with your chant count.
7. If you chant more than what you signed up for, please keep track of extra and send us a weekly update.

We are providing two audio files (27min 1080 chants/60 min 2500 chants) for those who are interested in listening/chanting/meditation along with the audio. You can access the files from here:
(To download, right click on the file and select download from the menu)

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu
Jai Karunamayi!

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