CGSMUN HSC Application Form
The CGSMUN Secretariat and Executive Board will be hosting the Historical Security Council once more this year. The chosen year is 1979.

15 individual delegates will have the possibility to represent one of the five permanent or 10 non permanent members of the Historical Security Council of that year. The delegates will simulate the Security Council in the eventful year of 1979. They will confront 3 critical events: the situation in Rhodesia, the Iranian revolution and the South African border war, focusing on what the Security Council could have done at the time.

All individuals wishing to apply should fill out this application form.

The deadline for this application is Wednesday 22nd September.

Members of the Security Council Year 1979:

People’s Republic of China
Soviet Union
United Kingdom
United States of America

Note that applicants will be contacted via the email they have provided with regards to the outcome of their application after the closing of the deadlines with the successful ones being informed of their allocated delegation. They will be expected to respond to our offer as soon as possible. The Organizing Team and Secretariat will seek to fulfill one of the delegation options selected by the candidate yet it is not guaranteed that successful applicants will ultimately be allocated a delegation they have declared in their application form.

CGSMUN is a THIMUN affiliated conference and as such it follows the rules and procedures laid down by THIMUN.
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