Cyberbullying Survey
Have you ever witnessed cyberbullying? *
If you answered yes to the previous question, what forms of cyberbullying have you seen?
How frequently do you see cyberbullying occur? *
What social media sites do you see cyberbullying on?
For which of the following reasons have you seen someone been cyberbullied?
Based on experience, what sex seems to bully peers more often? *
Based on experience, what political party seems to bully most often? *
Have you ever campaigned against cyberbullying in some way? *
Have you ever stood up for someone being cyberbullied? *
Have you ever seen cyberbullying occuring and been a bystander/done nothing about it? *
Have you ever cyberbullied someone? *
Have you ever been the victim of bullying? *
How many times have you been cyberbullied? *
If you were a victim of cyberbullying, did you tell your parents about it?
Do you believe the general public knows enough about cyberbullying and the various forms it takes? *
Do you believe that your school does enough to prevent cyberbullying? *
Do you believe that cyberbullying will ever stop? *
Do you believe that your school handles cyberbullying cases well? *
In what way is cyberbullying changing as time goes on? *
Getting worse
Getting better
Does cyberbullying begin and end online? *
Can victims of cyberbullying can turn off their devices and ignore the bullies to resolve the problem? *
Is cyberbullying more or less traumatizing/intense than regular bullying? *
Much less traumatizing
Much more traumatizing
Is there a stigma surrounding cyberbullying victims? *
What is your age? (years) *
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What is your gender? *
What is your sexual orientation? *
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