Onix Angel Creations: Fursuit Quote Form
Before filling this out please keep in mind that quotes take time to fill out and it can take up to a week to get back to you.

Please keep in mind my prices will change from time to time so if it's been awhile since you asked for a quote, please fill out another one.

Quote prices are non-negotiable, as they are what the final price of your suit will be.

Please carefully read my Terms of Service before applying for a quote.

**NOTE: All numbers you see in each selection is a rough estimate. You suit may be more depending on the quote.**


-I do NOT add crotch zippers on any of my suits so please do not ask.

-I also don't make my heads fit for glasses. Glasses will fog up and I cannot guarantee an accurate fit. Please wear contacts instead if you wish to order a suit from me.


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Will you head have a moving jaw?
LED parts and electronics
Hand Paws
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