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Global Events and Speaker Lead
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The Role:
6 months contract with view to permanent

Who are we?
Inspiring Rare Birds helps women entrepreneurs to grow and scale their businesses. Our vision is 1,000,000 women entrepreneurs in our community by 2020 and a mission to give every woman globally the opportunity to be an entrepreneur by choice.

What’s on offer?
We’re looking for an Events Manager with some entrepreneurial passion, and get-up-and-go. The role consists of two core functions. The first is to organise, manage and market a variety of small business events, such as webinars, roundtables and launch events.

The second core function of the position is to manage speakers who are part of the Rare Birds community. You’ll negotiate their event contracts and payment, and oversee the logistical details involved in getting them to and from speaking engagements. This is a new offering from Rare Birds, so it’s an exciting opportunity for you to really make your mark on the business.

Key responsibilities
• Creating design assets and marketing material to promote events.
• Producing content for Eventbrite, website and social media.
• Liaising with key stakeholders to organise events.
• Managing event logistics and meeting budget/ participation KPIs.
• Post-event analysis and debriefing the team.
• Sourcing women business and entrepreneur speakers globally and meeting budget/ engagement KPIs.
• Setting up framework, processes and negotiating contracts with speakers and clients.
• Arranging flights, travel and accommodation for speakers.


You must have prior event experience and a very well established network that compliments the responsibilities of the role

Your application
1. A customised cover letter addressing why you are perfectly suited for the role. email to
2. A PDF version of your CV with at least 3 references available
3. Link to a video (not more than 1min) sharing your ideas and experience for this role
4. Be available to interview within the next 7 days

Applications without a customised cover letter will be disregarded.

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Every answer is right, so please be transparent and articulate. This is designed to help us understand how your skills fit with the role, company culture, and vice versa.

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