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The Muslim Voice (TMV) Magazine
The Muslim Voice Magazine is a student run publication at the University of Toronto Published regularly for the past 25 years.

Descriptions of roles:

Associate Editor:
The associate editor of TMV would be the person in charge of overlooking the team in collaboration with the editor. Must be well acquainted with all members of the team and be capable to check in with all sub-committees on a regular basis. All applicants should be aware that this is a position with a lot of responsibility and requires someone with excellent organization, interpersonal and time management skills.

Individuals writing for the magazine would have the opportunity to write for both the physical issue and the website. Ensure article is closely tied to the theme and that it is professional, engaging and error free. (writers are expected to write for all three issues)

Website Writer:
Has all the roles of the position outlined above, but instead of writing for the physical issues you will be writing for our newly launched website. Articles should be published bi-weekly on the current affairs, news, events on campus, and anything else the writer and editor in chief agree to.

Head Content Editor:
This person is in charge of ensuring all the graphics follow a coherent theme and style for each individual issue. Will work very closely with the other graphic designers, and will meet with them frequently to ensure the work is being met to the standards of TMV graphics. HCE is the liaison person between the graphics team and the Editor in Chief.

Graphic Designers:
The Graphics Team serves as an essential part of TMV. Graphic designers will need to design pages for TMV along with posters and banners for social media. Requires extensive knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign. In the event that one finds themselves unfamiliar with Indesign but knowledgeable in the workings of Photoshop, we may provide a tutorial on the intricacies and workings of Indesign.

Junior Editor - Fact Checking and Content:
Keeping up with our commitment to provide the best reading experience to readers we stress on the correctness of information presented in our articles.Content editor would be responsible for fact checking, and verifying whether or not the information provided in an article is factual, reliable and presented in context.

Junior Editor - Copy Editing:
It is extremely important that what authors write is proofread for grammar, syntax and clarity. Our Copy Editors would be responsible for checking if the use of language and punctuation in the articles is correct and gauging the clarity of the articles.

In Charge with all photographs that appear in the TMV or on any of our social media platforms.Photographer will collaborate with the digital media director of the MSA, and photograph events as asked by the editor in chief.

Sponsorship Associate:
Individuals part of the sponsorship team would be responsible for creating and executing a strategy by means of which the magazine secure sponsorship. Responsibilities would include making and distributing the sponsorship packages and reaching out to advertisers to procure funding for the magazine.

Marketing and Social Media Associates:
Individuals part of our Marketing and Social Media team would be responsible for keeping readers up to date with everything that goes on with the TMV. The individuals would be required to make regular posts on social media (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn) with the aim of advertising the magazine, divert users to the website and increase readership.

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