radi8er Beta Test Application
We are happy to announce that the radi8er app is ready for testing on the Google Android and Apple iOS mobile platforms!

See more details on the official radi8er website: https://www.radi8er.com

Since this is such an early stage of testing, the focus is on the stability and functionality of the app. Our music library is currently small, with some “temporary” music, from only a limited number of cities in the USA.

Since the goal of this testing phase is to find and fix bugs, we ask for your discretion and to not publicly post images of the radi8er app until the closed beta test is completed (after the look & feel of the app is finalized).

All bug reports, comments, or suggestions can be sent to: support@radi8er.com

To confirm your participation with the radi8er Beta Test, please submit your information using the form below (and you will receive an email with further instructions).
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First Name *
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Phone type *
App Store ID Email *
Usually this ID is the email address used to sign-in to your Phone and displayed in the App Store. During the Beta Test, only this account can access the radi8er app.
Non-Disclosure Agreement - NDA *
Privacy and Non-Disclosure Agreement: while in the Beta Test phase, the Beta Tester agrees to: (1) not disclose any Confidential Information to any 3rd party without prior written consent, (2) not share their access to the radi8er app with anyone, (3) not publicly disclose any problems/bugs discovered on the radi8er app and to privately report problems/bugs to the radi8er team. If these rules are violated, the Beta Tester may lose access to the radi8er Beta Test.
Contact Permission *
By submitting my contact information, I authorize radi8er to send me applicable emails. (We do not like SPAM either. radi8er will respect your privacy.)
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