Cloudy Gaming Applications Form
--Cloudy Gaming Membership Requirements--

As a member of the Team, we have a simple list of requirements:

Discord is mandatory. Discord will be used for all important announcements, which can easily be found in the #announcements text channel. Share these posts accordingly.

Every member needs to be online and active. This can be measured in a few ways.
Re-tweeting the Cloudy twitter.
Actively talking in the Cloudy discord servers
Game play
Active in streams/uploads on either Twitch or Youtube.
Participating in giveaways
Promoting Cloudy eSports teams & players

We need to ensure that everyone is of a mature mindset.
We want to keep people from feeling alienated. One of the best ways to do
this is to make sure we are not allowing trolls or immature people into our
public community. It's one thing to make a joke, it's another to be insulting
to people.

As we are representing a professional organization, we want our
members to display a certain level of skill.

The recruitment process should take no less than 1 week of
consistent activity, in which, recruits will be required to play with members
of leadership. At the end of the week, leadership will have a meeting about
who is approved and who is not.

Please fill out below with current information. All information is kept private & will always be withheld.

After filling out this application you will receive a email to setup a interview with us. You will be able to book an appointment via visiting, you will receive the email within a week from the application being filled out and sent into us. Please monitor your email to setup the appointment.

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