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We are living in an unprecedented but long overdue period of time as our country grapples with the implications of systemic racism. This is not a new conversation, but it is a much-needed conversation and opportunity to hear voices and experiences that have long been silenced. The power of language and communication has become more important than ever. It is as critical now as ever that we lift up and create space for all members of our diverse and unique global community.

Each of us has a story to tell. Each of us experiences ever-changing emotions. Each of us has talent and creativity within us. Each of us deserves and has the right to be heard. Each of us has an obligation to hear others without judgment.

My hope is that we can use this unique opportunity to share these small pieces of ourselves with a wider world and provide each other  with an opportunity to capture the beauty, creativity, struggles, talent, heartache, and joy of the human condition. In sharing our diverse voices, we aim to share a piece of ourselves with the world.

Challenge: Tell us about your ideas, thoughts, or experiences during this unprecedented time.

-There is no format requirement. You can share poetry or prose. It can be one word or an entire story. Your textual creation is your own to create.
-This challenge should feel energizing and never like a burden. As such, entries are limited to 500 words or less.
-You can submit a single time,  or every day. Perhaps this is your opportunity to express something you’ve been holding onto. Perhaps this is a chance to jump start your day with a dose of creativity. Perhaps this can be the final creative thought before you drift off to sleep.
-The topics are as limitless as the human imagination. You may certainly reflect in some way on your connections to the Coronavirus, but you may just as easily signify your never-ending love for Patrick Stewart or your frustration with the inequities inherent in the prison industrial complex.
-You can identify yourself however you’d like. You can share your name/location or choose to remain anonymous.
-You can decide to share your voice with the world (via public-posting by the Diverse Voices Project) or choose to share your voice only with the project coordinator.

My hope is that this platform serves as an opportunity for everyone to reflect on this time in our lives. The Diverse Voices Project will last as long as the global community struggles with the pandemic. It can be easy to fall victim to a single narrative, especially as our lines of communication are even more siloed. Let this be an opportunity for your voice to be heard.

Share your voice and share the Diverse Voices Project! 

#diversevoicesproject #alonetogether #diversevoices

IG: @diverse_voices_project
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