Planning Our Future
We have been working for more than three years toward November 3, 2020. Once the election is over, what should Indivisible Lambertville New Hope be working on? Please share your thoughts, so we can continue to be the organization you rely on to guide your political activism toward a better future!
Indivisible National's Strategy
Indivisible National is very focused on two things right now: the Supreme Court and voter suppression. After the election, they will be focusing on things like statehood for Washington, D.C. (You can read about their Year 5 plan here: But we want to know where you think we should focus our energies locally. Please answer the questions below. We will take them, and perhaps create some workshops/listening sessions where we can get more feedback, so we can design an organization that will serve you, and serve democracy, between now and the next election.
Let's imagine Democrats win the White House and the Senate, and keep the House of Representatives. What should ILNH's priorities be? Where should we focus our efforts? *
OK, now let's imagine we win the White House and keep the House of Representatives, but Republicans keep the Senate. Does that change anything you told us in your first answer? If so, what do you think ILNH's priorities should be? *
And now the unthinkable: Let's say we lose the White House (but keep the House of Representatives!) and Republicans keep the Senate. NOW what should we do? More of what we've been doing over the last three-plus years? Something different? *
Anything more general you'd like to share with us about where we should focus our efforts?
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