for the 23rd Festival of Ecological Theatre for Children and Youth

Plays that fulfill TERMS OF PARTICIPATION:
• Designed exclusively for pre-school and elementary-school children
• Performed by professionals (professional theaters, licensed groups...)
• Expressed in any form of theatrical interpretation for children (puppet play, drama, choreodrama, shadow theater, musical theater, monodrama, duodrama...)
• Related to ecology (environment) or corresponding to this-year slogan "With my big closed eyes"
• Can be adjusted to outdoors performance (open scene)

Details about the theater:
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2. Performance details:
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Link to access photographs of the performance (two photographs, 1500 x 2100px): *
Suggested platform for uploading photos: WeTransfer
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3. Technical specifications:
The maximum running time, in minutes, which your performance requires (not including strike and setup): *
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The maximum time required, in minutes, for setup before performance: *
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The maximum time required, in minutes, for strike after performance: *
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Specify details about: Lights, sound, scene (size of required acting area, etc.): *
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Number of technical personnel involved or expected to be involved in this performance and their names: *
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4. Video of the performance:
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5. Recommendations, appearances, published texts, links to radio or video content...
All material that you would like to be taken into consideration in selection process:
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6. Questions, comments and other remarks:
Applications will be accepted by 15th May 2017 at the latest!
If you have any additional question or problems with the online application, please contact us by e-mail at
Applications submitted after the stated deadline, as well as incomplete application forms will be considered invalid. Within 10 days of submitting your application, you will be notified by e-mail if you have successfully submitted your application or if your application is invalid.You will be informed, in the same way, of the status of your application as well as the continuation of the selection period. Attached materials will not be returned but are to remain in the Festival archives, and will be used solely for the selection process and promotion of the Festival's program (program book, poster, website, social networks).
In accordance with the capabilities of the Festival’s organizers, the expenses of transport to Backa Palanka and back will be covered by the participants themselves, while the expenses of local transport, accommodation, food and technical support will be covered by the Festival’s organization.

Festival of ecological theater for children and youth is a non-profit and humanitarian organization and the entry to all events will therefore remain free and accessible.

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