STEAM Spring Camp 2019
Would you like to have a time machine? Where would you go? What would you like to see and do? For Spring Camp 2019 we do have a time machine! Come with us on an amazing journey to a different time and place each day! Learn about the past, present and future through games and crafts. Including hands-on STEAM activities that give exciting opportunities to experience life in another time and place!

もしタイムマシンを手に入れたらどこに行きたいですか?何を見て、何がしたいですか?ローラスのSpring Campでは毎日違う時代と場所にタイムスリップ!過去、現在、未来についてゲームやクラフトを通じて学びます。様々なSTEAMアクティビティーを通して、今とは違う時代を知り、体験してみよう!

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