Electronic Proposal Form, 8th Annual Conference in Political Economy
Sponsored by:
International Initiative for Promoting Political Economy (IIPPE)
Critical Political Economy Research Network (CPERN)
Berlin Institute for International Political Economy (IPE)
Berlin 13-15 September, 2017

Please read the instructions carefully before filling in the form.

1) General Information:
All proposals must be submitted through this form, and to a specific Working Group, CPERN, or the Committee on Activism, which you select from the list below. In case your proposal does not fit into any of these Groups, select “Programme Committee” at the bottom of the list.

The Working Group Coordinators, CPERN, the Committee on Activism, or the Programme Committee make the primary decisions on Panel structures and content.

You can submit the following forms of proposals:
A. Proposal for an Individual paper,
B. Proposal for a Panel or a Stream of related Panels,
C. Activist Proposal, documentary films, art projects, etc.

An individual can only offer one submission whether book discussion, roundtable or similar presentation. It is allowed to submit an activist proposal in addition to any of the other forms of presentation.

2) How to submit your proposal:
A. Proposal for an individual paper:
Start by selecting the Group below into which you think your proposal would fit best, and fill in the rest of the form.

B. Proposal for a Panel or Stream of related Panels:
Send an email to the Coordinator of the Working Group (http://iippe.org/wp/?page_id=456), CPERN (Phoebe Moore (P.Moore@mdx.ac.uk), the Committee on Activism (Matthias Kispert (info@matthiaskispert.com) or the Programme Committee (Al Campbell (al@ecnomics.utah.edu) where your proposed panel or stream fits best. Include in your email only the Panel title(s), the titles of all papers in each Panel, and the name of the presenter of each paper being proposed. Do not include emails of the presenters, abstracts, etc.

After your email proposal for a panel or stream has been sent to the Group Coordinator, each person who is listed to present a paper MUST make an individual submission as in 2) A. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you follow up with each presenter within a week to make sure they have made their individual submissions. Otherwise the panel/stream will not be considered.

C. Activist Proposal, documentary films, art projects, etc.
Select the category below “Committee on Activism” and fill in the rest of this form. Make it clear in the field "Short abstract of your paper/proposal" what exactly you are submitting, e.g. a proposal for film screening, art exhibition, round table discussion, and/or Panel, etc. For more information contact Matthias Kispert (info@matthiaskispert.com).

3) Co-authored Papers
In case several co-authors propose to present a single paper jointly, each co-presenter must register through this form and list the paper with the same title and abstract, and send a note to Al Campbell (al@economics.utah.edu). The Programme will not list any people who do not present.

4) Confirmation of Submission
After clicking "Send form" pay attention to the popup window that confirms successful submission of your proposal. You will NOT receive any immediate confirmation email. However, in case you do not hear from the Programme Committee during the first week of May, then please contact Niels Hahn (nsc.hahn@gmail.com).

5) Review Process
All proposals will be reviewed by the Group it was submitted to. About one month after the final submission deadline you will receive notification if your proposal has been accepted or not. If your proposal is accepted, you will receive an email with more information about the Conference and the registration procedures.

6) Membership Fees, Conference Fees, and Registration:
All presenters must be members of IIPPE. Membership fees are: students and unwaged pensioners, €15. All others, €30.

Membership fee and conference fees must be paid together at the point when registering for the conference.

For students, unwaged and pensioners: Conference fee €90; membership fee €15. Total €105.

For all other presenters, except Activists: Conference fee €180; membership fee €30. Total €210.

Activists are exempted from the Conference fees, but must pay the concessionary membership fee of €15.

Please note that IIPPE does not have any funds that can subsidise participants, and the fees cannot be waived.

7) Key dates and deadlines
The deadline for submission of proposals is April 1, 2017.

Successful submissions will be confirmed in the first week of May, 2017.

The deadline for registration for the Conference is June 1, 2017.

The first preliminary programme will be sent out at the end of the second week of July, 2017.

The final programme will be sent out about August 1, 2017.

Tick the Group pertinent to your Proposal.
If you cannot find a Working Group pertinent to your topic, please tick "Programme Committee". Proposals to CPERN tick "CPERN". Activists must tick "Committee on Activism". For more information on the Working Groups, follow this link: (http://iippe.org/wp/?page_id=456)
Title of your paper/proposal
The title must be less than 80 characters
Your answer
First and last name of presenter (ONE PERSON ONLY – see instructions)
Pleases write your names in the order you want them to appear in the program. Do not enter middle names, as there will be no space for them in the final programme.
Your answer
Primary e-mail
Please make sure you type your e-mail correct
Your answer
Secondary e-mail (must be different from your primary email)
We will use your secondary email in case your first emails does not work. If you only have one email, then enter the email of a family member, friend or colleague.
Your answer
Institutional Affiliation
Enter "NA" if none, or if you do not wish to be associated with any particular institution
Your answer
Short abstract of your paper/proposal
Maximum 1200 characters. For documentary films and visual art projects, enter a link to your website, if possible.
Your answer
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