Wednesday Night Laundry Runners Membership Application
Selected as the Most Runner Friendly Community in the US by the Road Runners Club of America, the WNLRs - Wednesday Night Laundry Runners is the oldest and most successful US Track and Field Association Road Running Club in the Monterey/Salinas area
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$20 is due to the Treasurer Patie McCracken
Make check out to:


Mail check to:

WNLR c/o Patie McCracken (Treasurer)
747 Alice St
Monterey, CA 93940

Or give check to Patie McCracken in person. Email Patie at to coordinate.

Whether you join in January or June, dues are $20/person the first year. Every January thereafter, you will be emailed a reminder to pay your dues for the upcoming year. You can pay for multiple years if you wish. If you would like to add a donation, beyond your dues, to the WNLR Scholarship Fund, please include in check amount and include a note to ensure the donation is accounted for.

Club Membership Benefits
For only $20/year per person, members enjoy:
- Free pizza parties – approximately 3 per year
- Special WNLR runs and social events
- Annual holiday party (additional charge may apply)
- Bi-weekly email list to keep you informed and up-to-date on the latest WNLR club news
and local events
- A 10% team discount on running shoes at our local and family-owned premier running
store: The Treadmill
- The opportunity to run in USATF events as a member of the WNLR team #133
- Travel/carpool to various races with the WNLR group
- A means of supporting local student runners by way of the WNLR Scholarship Fund
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