Wednesday Night Laundry Runners Email List/Membership Application
Selected as the Most Runner Friendly Community in the US by the Road Runners Club of America, the WNLRs - Wednesday Night Laundry Runners is the oldest and most successful US Track and Field Association Road Running Club in the Monterey/Salinas area.

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$20 is due to the Treasurer Patie McCracken to become a full member

Use this link to pay via paypal - and in the notes say its for "WNLR Dues".

Make check out to:


Mail check to:

PO Box 2184
Monterey, CA 93942

Whether you join in January or June, dues are $20/person the first year. Every January thereafter, you will be emailed a reminder to pay your dues for the upcoming year. You can pay for multiple years if you wish.
Club Membership Benefits
For only $20/year per person, members enjoy:
- Free pizza parties – approximately 3 per year
- Special WNLR runs and social events
- Annual holiday party (additional charge may apply)
- 5% off ALL regular priced items at The Treadmill in Carmel as well as being
eligible to enroll their “Treadmill Family Rewards Program”
- The opportunity to run in USATF events as a member of the WNLR team #133
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