Get a free copy of "The Ship We Built"!
Hi, through a book signing fundraiser (linked here! ), I'm looking to make "The Ship We Built" within reach for people who may need extra support.

The book itself deals with themes of isolation, addiction, identity loss through economic collapse, depression, sexual abuse, incarceration, and navigating gender & sexuality from a 10 year old lens. If these subjects are personal to you or someone you care about, and you cannot afford a copy to buy on your own ($16.99 on the Penguin Random House website) - please fill out this form below. It will serve as a waitlist. When I have the funding to get you a book, I will contact you.

If you decide in the meantime that you'd like to get "The Ship We Built" on your own - know that there's an ebook and audio book available for significantly cheaper. I also recommend the ebook or audiobook if you or the person you're gifting it to may be currently living in a dangerous/volatile environment.

What is the best way to reach you? Please type out your entire email addresses if that's the route you pick. *
At the moment, what would be the best mailing address for you to receive a book? You can update your response when I reach out to you! *
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