HPC Men's Ministry Survey
Thank you for taking a few minutes to give us feedback about the men's ministry! Your responses will be kept anonymous and confidential.
Part 1: Men's Retreat
Have you attended a men's retreat in the last three years? *
If you answered no, tell us why you have not attended. (Check all that apply.)
If you answered yes, what have you most enjoyed about previous men's retreats?
Do you feel like the men's retreat has contributed to your spiritual growth? (Be honest, it's ok.)
If yes, how?
Your answer
If no, what would you change? How can we improve the retreat experience?
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Are you open to changing the location of the men's retreat? *
Do you have a new men's retreat location to recommend?
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How far are you willing to travel for the men's retreat? *
Would you be willing to pay more for a men's retreat in exchange for a nicer venue with more amenities? *
Part 2: Men's Ministry Events
What men's ministry events have you attended in the past three years? *
Are there any other men's ministry events that you would attend that we have not offered? List them here.
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Anything else you would like to tell us? (Needs we should be meeting in the men's ministry/comments/suggestions/etc.)
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What is your age? *
What is your marital status? *
Thank you for filling out this survey! If you are interested in serving on the men's ministry leadership team, please send a separate email to either Josh Hamblen (joshosh@gmail.com) or Greg Baney (gregb@hixsonpres.org).
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