Home Assessment: Abilene Tornado 2019
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Homeowner Name (First, Last)
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Homeowner phone number
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Does the homeowner attend a local church congregation?
Name of local church?
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Who else is present in the home?
How many people live at this property?
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What work needs to be completed according to the damage?
What equipment is needed for relief efforts?
Are utilities working? (check if yes)
Is the "homeowner" a renter ?
Is the homeowner, or anyone living at this residence, active duty military?
IS the homeowner, or anyone living at this residence, a veteran?
Did they receive automobile damage?
Any pets or animals present?
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Any dangers or health hazards?
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Any additional assessments not listed on this form?
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Name of individual who assessed this home
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Phone number of who assessed
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Did the homeowner receive the "After the Storm" packet?
Is this a Red Cross Assessment form?
Is this a TBM Assessment form?
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