Parent School Safety & Culture Survey
This survey is designed to provide Red River High School with feedback on your perception of school safety and culture. Please answer this anonymous survey based on your individual perceptions of each indicator. It is OK if you "don't know" the answer to some questions. The survey should take you approximately 5 minutes to complete. Thank you for your valuable time!
My child's school is a safe place. *
My child's school is an orderly place. *
I am aware of the rules and procedures in place at my child's school. *
My child's school uses social media or technology to allow anonymous reporting of potential incidents. *
My child's school has a system that allows school leaders to communicate with me about issues regarding school safety (for example, a school call out system). *
The leaders of my child's school coordinate with local law enforcement agencies regarding school safety issues. *
The leaders of my child's school engage the community and me regarding school safety issues. *
My child's school has clear and specific rules and procedures in place. *
Teachers, staff, and my child know and practice school emergency management procedures (ex: fire drills, lockdowns, etc.). *
Teachers help make important decisions at my child's school. *
Specific groups of teachers provide input regarding decisions at my child's school. *
Teachers at my child's school meet together professionally on a regular basis. *
Teams of teachers at my child's school look at student achievement data to figure out how to improve students' learning. *
Leaders at my child's school ask teachers for their opinions about how the school should function. *
Leaders at my child's school ask parents for their opinions about how the school should function. *
My child's school hosts an interactive website. *
I visit my child's school website often. *
The leaders and teachers at my child's school use social media (such as Twitter and Facebook) to involve students, parents, and the community. *
The leaders at my child's school reach out to parents, students, and the community in various ways (ex: hosting focus groups, presentations, events, etc.) *
OPTIONAL: If you would like to provide us with more specific feedback on our school's safety or culture you may do so here, otherwise you may skip this section to end the survey. Thank you for your time and input.
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