2019 RiboClub
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Items in the meeting agenda are interesting and pertinent.
The meeting format is friendly and allows everyone the opportunity to participate and communicate.
The meeting program represents the current research on RNA.
The hosts run the sessions efficiently.
Speakers are properly introduced.
Presentation time is adequate.
The food (meals and snacks) is good.
The audiovisual media quality is good
The meeting should be held again next year.
I would recommend this meeting to other colleagues
Students are adequately integrated and participate.
Recommend speakers you would like to see at the meeting.
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Do you have a proposal for the "Flavour of the Year"?
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The time period allowed for the poster session is: *
Suggest topics for a future sessions.
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Should we keep the poster competition? *
These are the areas I think need improvement:
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How can we improve or facilitate the participation of students?
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Any other comments or suggestions?
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