Work That Reconnects Network Webinars & Cafes
Dear WTR facilitators,

We are excited to start our webinars and cafes program in Spring 2020. We look forward to offering a wide range of educational and supportive web-based events for our global community!

We are reaching out to request your input. Your insights and engagement will help us refine our vision and develop a strong program.
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What’s the difference between a Webinar and a Conversation Cafe?
A Webinar is an online class. It are designed in advance and facilitated by one or two facilitators or guest teachers. Webinars may include some amount of participant involvement in the form of Q/A, group discussion or breakout sessions, but are more focused on the material prepared by the facilitator(s).

Conversation Cafes are an opportunity for group dialogue on a particular topic. Each cafe will have a facilitator (or two) that will frame the conversation and hold space for the participants as they explore the topic at hand. The content of the cafe is generated by the participants as they learn from and with each other.
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Would you be interested in attending a webinar or cafe facilitated by others in the Network or by guest facilitators? *
If you are interested in attending a webinar or cafe, what topics are you most interested in attending?
Are you interested in facilitating?
If you would like to facilitate a webinar or cafe, what topic(s) would you want to cover in your event? (please note that being registered as a facilitator on is required to facilitate one of these events)
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