Maine-Based Lesson Feedback
We're glad you sampled one or more of our Maine-Based Lessons. Each "lesson" includes a lesson plan and associated video. Please take a moment to tell us how you used the lesson and video, how it went, and what you would do differently. This type of feedback helps inform our future work.
Thank you!
1. In which state are you located?
2. Which of the following describes the area your school serves?
3. Which of the following Maine-Based Lessons did you use? (Check all that apply)
4. For the lessons you checked above, which pieces did you use?
5. With which grade level(s) did you use the lesson?
6. With approximately how many students did you use this lesson?
7. Briefly, what was the context in which you used the lesson?
8. On a scale of 1-5 (1= "poorly" and 5= "excellently"), how well did the lesson go?
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9. If you used the video, how well was it received by students? (0 added to the scale above)
I did not use the video.
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10. What did you like best about this lesson and what would you do differently?
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