Business Challenge Application Form
NO SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Closes when we reach 10 businesses. A complete submission form and payment secure a spot in the 2020 Business Challenge.
($400 Entry Fee)

*As a business employee, group of employees, owner, or fan, you can get on the runway by designing a garment with quintessential waste from your business or business affiliate.

*Business Challenge participants must meet the definitions and criteria set for the runway. Details can be found here:

*Your trash-fashion piece is automatically included in both runway shows (6pm & 8:30pm). Business Challenge Participants are grouped during each of the runway shows, which are "slowed" slightly, allowing time for our emcee to promote your business mission, sustainability focus and anything else you want illuminated about your business.
*Your business receives extensive promotion and exposure in the following ways: visual displays at the event, live emcee “mentions” during both shows, and through the friendly voting process for the Coveted Trash Trophy.
*Your garment is automatically entered into a live competition between the other Business Challenge Participants. You compete for the Coveted Trash Trophy (winner will be decided by a combination of audience vote & anonymous jury).
* Your business receives 2 complimentary tickets to one show (Your designer and model are admitted free of charge)

EVENT INFORMATION:, including criteria, ticket info, and Business Challenge photo galleries from past shows
Contact Information for Sponsoring Business
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Designer Name (if different than business contact name above)
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Write a brief description of the sustainable practices that your business uses.
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Garment Information
What is the title of your garment? *
This title will be used by our emcee during the show
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Is your garment Trash Fashion or Re-Fashion *
What is the % (approximately) of reused materials? *
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Please write a brief description about your garment. Your description will be used by our emcee during the runway show. *
Your description should be 3-5 sentences, include your inspiration for your piece, the materials you used, and the connection to our mission of "Transforming trash, inspiring community for a sustainable earth." Rubbish Renewed's emcee will edit your description as necessary to meet the length and requirements of the show.
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Model Information
Please provide the following contact information for your model so that we can communicate with him/her directly.
Do you need a model from Rubbish Renewed? *
First & Last Name of your model
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Model's Contact Phone #
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Is your model 21 years old?
Our venue requires models for our 2nd show (8:30pm) to be 21.
Live Auction Donation
Would you like to donate your garment to the Rubbish Renewed Live Auction? *
Rubbish Renewed is a fundraising event for REALMS Magnet School. Each year we auction off 6-8 stunning wearable art pieces. Wearable art pieces have garnered a range of funds ($150-$2500) for this event. Please indicate YOUR INTEREST below, and if interested, our jury will contact you about the live auction.
Media Release
Rubbish Renewed Media Release *
I hereby consent that my name and the photographs taken of me may be used by Rubbish Renewed's photographer or his/her clients for the purpose of display, portfolio, advertising, website, social media, or any publication. I also agree that the images can be used without additional compensation to the undersigned. I am of full age and have the right to contract in my own name. I have read this photography release and fully understand the contents thereof. This release shall be binding upon me and my heirs, legal representatives, and assigns. I have legal authority to grant these permissions and I accept all responsibility for such.
Final Step: Submission Fee & Process
Business Challenge Entry ($400) Submission Fee *
You can pay the submission fee by credit card or check. Please note that your Business Challenge spot is NOT secured until payment is received.
Business Challenge entries may be submitted as either Trash-fashion or Re-fashion. With completed and timely submission (first 10 entries) your garment will be automatically accepted! Business Challenge participants are expected to follow the same trash fashion and re-fashion definitions and criteria (what is allowed and not allowed on the runway) outlined in the Rubbish Renewed "Runway Application" section on our website.
I have completed the following 2 items for a COMPLETE application.
Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show is a fundraising event for REALMS Magnet School in Bend, Oregon. Coordinated by Friends of REALMS (501c3 non-profit organization).
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