Wild Solitude Landscape Design Inventory Survey
Please answer the following questions and indicate the features, characteristics, and lifestyle considerations that you desire for your landscape. This is not a test -- there are no wrong answers. It's ok to leave fields blank. Have fun and fill out what you can.
Do you reside at this address year round?
If you do not reside at the address year round, when are you in residence?
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Email Address *
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Site Address
your property/physical street address
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Phone #
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Describe your favorite outdoor spaces or gardens
this can be a place you've visited, something you saw in a book or magazine, or a mental image you have
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What mood or style would you like to evoke with your landscape?
Or do you consider your landscape to be practical, functional, utilitarian?
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Your Style
how you describe yourself aesthetically speaking
what you want to make sure is addressed
Outdoor Activities
Landscape Elements
design and structural elements you wish to incorporate
Landscape Accents
other elements you'd like to include
Will the landscape accommodate children?
If Yes, how many and what ages?
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Equipment you want incorporated into your landscape for Children or Pets
the purpose of paths and walkways
Is wheelchair access needed?
Do you want people to use the front door?
Maximum # of people to walk abreast?
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Driveway: # of cars for family parking?
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# of cars for visitor parking?
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What materials are you considering?
types of plants you would like incorporated into your landscape
colors you particularly like (like those you prefer for clothing and in your interior color pallet)
Please list any plants you know you'd like to incorporate into your landscape *
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Please list any plants you know you would NOT like to incorporate into your landscape *
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Special Challenges
existing features you feel might be an issue
Please describe any drainage issues
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How long do you plan to be at this location?
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Is resale going to be a factor in the design decision making?
Site Conditions
existing elements or known circumstances
Any buried utilities?
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What is the wildest, most outlandish thing you could ever imagine having in your landscape?
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