2020 Al Madinah School Quran Competition Participant Application
Ramadan Quran Competition - Deadline March 6th
Competition Location: Al Madinah School- 383 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11215
Competition Date: Saturday, March 28 , 2020
Awards Day: Saturday, April, 11, 2020
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I have read and understand all the rules and regulations of Ramadan Quran Competition available on Al-Madinah School web site. *
I understand that I will bring an original and official proof of the participant's date of birth on the day of the competition. *
I have been approved by my masjid/school to represent them at the 2020 Ramadan Quran Competition Event. *
I understand that I must bring with me a completed Islamic Schools and Masjids Endorsement Form on the day of the competition. The Endorsement Form is available on Ramadan Quran Competition Web page. *
I give Al-Madinah School the right to photograph, record and videotape the participants and the guests for marketing and advertising purposes. *
I understand that Al-Madinah School has the right to disqualify a participant who provides false information and/or does not comply with the competition's rules and regulations. *
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