Irish Permission
The Irish band have a guest spot at the Christchurch Cultural Festival on Wednesday August 31st!
Venue: Horncastle Arena
The performance will be at 8pm (they will need to be there at 7.30pm)
There is also an opportunity to SOUND CHECK on either the Tuesday 4.45 or Monday 4.45 (I am waiting for confirmation as to which day it is!) If it's Tuesday, I will just take any who are in choir from the Voices Rehearsal and then bring them back.
Shores of Lyttleton and a gig or reel by memory. Approx 4'30 playing time.
They will wear the green Irish hats we have as well as white tops and black trousers. Vests optional.
We are asking parents to transport your students to the Horncastle Arena on the night or organise/ask for a ride.
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