HCS Coronavirus Response Reflection and Planning
Your responses can assist us as we plan for 2020-2021. If you have more than one child and had two very different experiences, you are invited to complete more than one survey... one representing each child. Be aware that this survey is collecting email addresses, but feel free to respond frankly.
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I am a __________.
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I am in/ My child is in grade ____.
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Health and Wellness: IF coronavirus risks and infection rates in AUGUST are the same as or worse than they are now, I would feel comfortable with Hartselle City Schools considering measures such as temperature checks, mask requirements, alternative dining plans, modified class schedules, modified transportation or parking options, changes to the school year calendar, etc....
Unless mandated to do so, I am NOT comfortable with HCS making changes.
I am comfortable with ALL carefully considered changes HCS might make in the name of wellness.
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Academic Reflection: Overall, my/my child's academic experience with distance learning in Spring 2020 has been....
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Academic Reflection: The following statements describe much of my/my child's distance learning experience: (check all that apply)
Academic Reflection/ Technology: Overall, my/ my child's technology experience during virtual learning was...
Academic Reflection: If I could re-live my experience/ my child's experience with distance learning, I would...
Social Emotional Reflection: I/ My child benefitted from... (check all that apply)
Physical + Academic + Social: IF coronavirus risks and infection rates in AUGUST 2020 are the same as or worse than they are now, I would opt for a semester-long or even year-long HCS virtual schooling option for myself/ my child INSTEAD OF a return to school. I understand that the look and structure of that virtual schooling may not be the same as what I have experienced in this emergency shut-down situation we have been in.
No matter the school schedule, length of school day, bus schedule, etc..., I will/ my child will need to ride a schoolbus in the 2020-2021 schoolyear.
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