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Canine Disc Australia LTD (ABN 29161770234)
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Please Allow 14 days for processing of Membership Applications. Any enquiries should be made a minimum of 21 days after dispatch of applications. Applicants MAY NOT enter a CDA sanctioned event without having received their membership confirmation and dog registration details
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If applying for Family Membership Include Names of all Family Members Here
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Prospective CDA members are obliged to provide details of any and all incidents that have occured in the last 12 months that you, or a dog owned or handled by you, have been invovled in that may affect your membership with CDA. This may include, but not be limted to, incidents that have been reported to another organisation, local council etc. Please be aware that CDA will not be in a position to impose diciplinary action against you for any past actions taken, or not taken, by you. However, we may, if we deem it necessary for the protection of our members, their families and their pets and the members of the public, decide not to accept a membership application, not to register a dog with CDA or request that an aggressive dog is crated when not competing and muzzled at anytime when not crated, except when actually competing in the ring. *
Details of any Incident
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Electronic Membership: Membership Numbers and Dog Registration Information are advised electronically(email only). All members notices are advised electronically only. please tick The Appropriate Box: *
MEMBERSHIP FEES - Annual membership vaild from 1st January to 31st December. If applying after 1st October, membership is vaild until 31st December the following year.
I/We being the Parent/Guardian of the Junior member here in give permission for membership application
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Electronically Submitted Forms payment by Direct Deposit Only - Please Provide Your D/D Receipt Number
Bank of QLD, Canine Disc Australia LTD. A/c NO: 21939480. BSB: 124194
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Dog Registrations
New Members who have not registered any dogs will need to do so using the Online Dog Registration form.

I/We have disclosed all information relevant to the consideration of my/our application for membership *
Some of the inforamtion you provide may be released to clubs holding CDA sanctioned Events. This information is: Your Name, CDA Membership Number, Dog Name, Dog Titles, & Registration Number. The same informaion is required on any event entry form. This information is used for Event management and for printing running orders, CDA Qualifying certficates etc...
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