Dappervolk Adventuring Riddle Contest - Louise Hill Edition
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How do I write a Dappervolk style riddle? ►
It is easiest to craft a riddle by going backwards from the answer you first decide on. Here is a link to the wiki that explains the symbolism of each virtue in more detail: https://dappervolk.fandom.com/wiki/Adventuring#Riddles

Do you have any tips on how best I can get my riddle selected? ►
Things that factor into our judging process are the uniqueness of the answer, how easy it is to guess (try to avoid using words that allude directly to the answer), if the riddle makes sense, and how well a riddle is written.

Can I use existing riddles found on the internet? ►
Plagiarism is against the rules, please write your own riddles! We cannot use creative property made by other parties on Dappervolk without permission from the actual creators.
Plagiarism found on any of your riddles will cause all entries submitted by you within this contest to be disqualified.
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