Advancing Municipal Action on Green Infrastructure Survey
Thank you for taking the time to participate in this important survey.
The information you provide will help us develop strategies and tools to advance the implementation of green infrastructure in Ontario.
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1) How would you rate your level of understanding of green infrastructure? *
2) Are you involved in green infrastructure projects as part of your current job? *
If not yourself, who would be the best contact in your municipality to discuss green infrastructure projects?
3) Is green infrastructure part of Official Plans, Master Plans, or secondary plans in your municipality? If so, which? *
4) What are the barriers to green infrastructure implementation in your municipality? *
5) Are you familiar with any tools or resources available to overcome challenges to implementing green infrastructure? If so, can you share some examples? *
6) Have you participated in any training for the implementation and/or maintenance of green infrastructure? *
7) If you have received or participated in any training please specify (what training, and from what source?)
8) Are there any specific training, tools or materials you would like to see developed to help with the up-take and implementation of green infrastructure?
9) Are you aware of any green infrastructure projects that have been built or are being planned in your municipality? Can you give some examples? *
10) Has your municipality received external funding for green infrastructure projects? *
11) If your municipality has received external funding for green infrastructure projects, please specify
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12) If you have received external funding, can you provide information about the funded project and the type of funding received?
13) Do you see more opportunities for green infrastructure to be implemented in your municipality? Can you provide details?
14) Can you share any examples of best practices or success stories related to green infrastructure projects?
15) Are you willing to participate in a one-on-one interview to provide more information? *
16) Would you like to participate in future training and workshops related to green infrastructure? *
17) Do you have any other comments or feedback that you would like to share?
Thank you!
Your collaboration is important to us.
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