PBKNY-YP Mentorship Program has arrived:
This is just a reminder about the expectations before you go ahead and give us some basic information. We envision this to be a six month program starting this September wherein participants engage in real talk and have a rewarding experience learning and mentoring. We see our role as facilitators of the matchmaking; we will make the matches, help guide participants with conversation points, send out reminders, and do progress check-ins from time to time. Ideally, there can be at least two to three conversations over the six month period. We hope that over time, Mentees who have finished the program with rewarding mentorships will feel confident in becoming Mentors themselves, and can help other Association members find their way. Of course, no one wants to waste anyone's time, so by submitting this form you are committing, if selected as a part of a matched pair, to participate in this vision for the program. With your support we'll make this program successful. Now we just have a few questions as part of an Assessment to help us make helpful matches. The questions in the following section should take you about about ten minutes to complete.

Questions? Email Amanda at mentorship@pbkny.org
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