Everyone can see that the existing Lund Community building, though it is providing valuable community programming, has some major limitations (maximum 85 people, lack of adequate washroom
facilities, and no storage to name a few). There are some parts planned into the new addition
that solves some of these major issues. 

To help prioritize and have a feel for what is most important to the Area A community, we would love it if you would fill out a brief survey.

On a scale of 1-5 (1= Not important and 5= Very important)
How important are these issues to you and your family:

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Wheelchair accessibility

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Commercial kitchen for community use

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Half sized gym for indoor sport activities
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Space to have more child/youth centered activities and classes
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Space for larger events like concerts, weddings, funerals, Christmas craft Fair, etc.
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Facility that can house a large number of people in the event of a natural disaster (Fire,
Flood, Tsunami)
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Gathering space for smaller Community groups (like seniors group, book club etc)
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Adequate bathroom and shower facilities
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More space for classes (like Yoga, pickle ball, Tia chi etc)
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Possible remote library outpost
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Ability to store larger pieces of equipment (ie chairs, tables, ping pong table )
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Stage area to house theatre or concerts
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Other ideas or priorities you would like to share?
Are there any other uses you could envision for this community space?
The cost of the proposed plan is an issue all Area A residents should know about.

The Lund Community Society currently does not hold all that money needed for this addition. We have a modest amount raised hundreds of dollars at a time to put
towards getting a new community center for more than 30 years. 

The qRD has had the capital put aside for area A recreation and with this has secured a grant for up to 4 million dollars. This is a grant that can only cover 70% of the cost and with what the qRD has, they are estimating that it would take another million. This would be approximately $6 per $100,000 of property value per year increase to property taxes (so $60 per year if you own a million dollar home). 

We think that this is a lot of value gained for the community for the dollar, but
we are interested in what you think.

On a scale of 1-5 (1= unwilling to pay additional taxes to fund the project, and 5= ecstatic to contribute tax money to this project) please let us know how willing you would be to pay $6 per $100K value on taxes to fund the Community Centre project:
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Do you have any other constructive ideas about cost and financing of this project?

Are you in favour of this project? Why or why not? All feedback will be considered :) 
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