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Thank you for reaching out to lead a skill share for Queer Scouts Seattle! As an organizer, it is my job to provide as much support as I can to help you lead this skill share. As part of an official Queer Scout skill share, attendees will be able to purchase a button relevant to the activity (we will ask for $1 per button to cover material cost and cost of button maker). This button is similar to the patches scouts receive in traditional scouting programs. You are welcome to participate in the design of this button if you like! You will also receive a button for having led a skill share. Please fill out the form below so we can start planning!

Once the form is filled and we discuss the details, an organizer will create a FaceBook event for this skill share. You will then be added as 'co-host' so you will have the ability to edit details. If you need to change major details of the event (like date or time) please let an organizer know first. An organizer must be present at the event for it to be considered an official Queer Scout event. If an organizer cannot attend, you are still welcome to host the event but it will be considered an 'unofficial' event. An 'unofficial' event just means that the event will be all yours to plan and we will offer it up to the troop.
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