Camp Kindle 2021 Interest List
Hello Camp Kindle Family!

We hope this finds you well. The intent of this form is to gain insight into how many interested campers we have in each state who would like to participate in a day camp this year.

Due to the nature of COVID, we have made the decision to host day camps this summer in lieu of overnight residential programs. Based on need and interest, we are exploring hosting a one day camp in different states this summer and early fall. If your child/ren would be interested in attending one of the day camps, please complete the following form. With enough interest, we will bring camp to you!

We do know that we will be gathering the Colorado family's together for the AIDS walk on Aug 21 and meeting back up on Sunday the 22nd for a group camp activity. Colorado campers and families, save the date!


Happy Summer,

Khalil "Glitter" Kelley, Camp Director &
Eva "Leaves" Payne, Executive Director
Please list the names and ages of your children who would like to attend a day camp in their state (Example: Avery Payne (9), Dawson Payne (9), Evan Payne (13), and Brayden Payne (15) *
What is the closest metropolitan city to you? *
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