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Thank you for taking the time to submit your application! This form does not automatically add you to a wait list. I will reply as soon as I can and discuss your application with you, at which point we can approve you to adopt from us and go from there. Please email me if you have any problems or think your application may not have gone through!
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I will only text customers if I cannot reach them via email, if checking in about appointments or with urgent questions. Check "yes" if you don't mind me texting the number above if needed.
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If you are 18+, please enter "Yes." If you are 13-18, please list your age - we can discuss your parents' role in adoption later. If you are under 13, please have a parent/guardian fill out this application for you.
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Not a mailing address. For required USDA paperwork, we need your physical address. Please include your CITY, STATE and zip code!
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What is your living situation? *
Many rental and university housing arrangements will not allow pets, or may require a separate deposit / pet rent. Please be ready to share a rental clause or proof of permission for pet ownership if you are renting.
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What will your hedgie be intended for? *
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How many, and what ages are any children in your household? *
Even if you don't intend a hedgehog to be "their" pet, please let me know the ages of any children under 18 in your home. If none, just write none.
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Have you had a chance to handle and observe a hedgehog before? *
If you haven't met a hedgie before, please leave a note at the end about coming to visit prior to committing to adopt. Knowing what hedgehogs are like "in person" is very important before deciding you want to bring one home!
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Have you owned a hedgehog before or do you currently own a hedgehog? *
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If you've had a hedgie in the past, where was s/he from? How long did s/he live or why is s/he no longer in your care? If you have one or more hedgies now, where did you get them from, and what gender and ages are they?
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If you adopt a hedgie from us, will you need shipping or delivery services? *
Shipping is for out of state people only. Hedgehogs have to be shipped via airline, and costs an additional $250-300. I will not ship a hedgehog to you if you are in Oregon! We can occasionally meet part way or deliver for people with limited transportation, for a delivery fee.
In the event you cannot keep your hedgehog from WCH, we require you to return him or her to us instead of finding a new home without our knowledge. Do you agree to contact us if you decide not to keep your hedgehog? *
If you have a home lined up that you think is ideal for your hedgie, we can approve the transfer to another home, but you MUST alert us so we can approve of the transfer and update our records. We do not adopt out hedgehogs to anyone intending to turn around and sell them to someone else. Thanks for understanding! You will sign a contract agreeing to this upon pickup.
How did you hear about us?
Help us better reach future customers! Please don't just say "the internet" - list a particular site, what your google search was, what vet's office, expo, adoption event, or person you found out about us through.
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How soon would you like to bring a hedgehog home? *
If you want to wait more than a month or two (i.e. you need to wait until you move, or for a certain time of year) please enter details in the "Other" field.
You're almost done! If you have any questions or comments for me, enter them here.
We'll discuss supplies, care, diet, choosing a vet clinic, matching you with the right hedgehog, etc. next over email.
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