Online Booking
This is a preliminary booking only, you are not committed to going ahead with the service until we have contacted you, agreed a suitable appointment and you have responded to confirm the booking.

You do not need to be home for the cleaning to take place but the operator must have access around the property.

Payment can be made either directly to the operator, by sending a cheque in the post or via online banking.

This service is to clean your conservatory. The explanations and examples above are indicative only. You will be charged according to the number of panels on your roof, multiplied by the condition cost and additionally the windows of the conservatory will be charged based on small/medium/large.
You are asked within the form to specify the condition and size so we may confirm your cost. This is of course subject to reasonable and fair explanation of the conservatory.

We do not have a call out fee. However, we have a minimum charge of £25 for conservatories.

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