BhashaKids Webinar: How to Use Bilingual Resources

Your responses help us to better tailor the content of this and future workshops. These questions are also designed to help you consider factors in raising a multilingual family. 

The questions primarily reference Malayalam as an example, however, if your target language is not Malayalam, simply substitute that language in the questions instead.  

We will discuss these responses at the workshop.  

If you get a chance, please watch the 5 minute video at the end of the survey. 

Thanks! Anita 

PS Please list the email that you would like the calendar invite to be sent to. 
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1. Are you multilingual? 
(Multilingual means able to speak more than 3 languages)
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2. Tell us about the languages you are fluent in. 

(Fluency is defined here as the ability to easily interact, both in a casual and professional environment, at the level of a native speaker. It is broken down by category of language acquisition.) 

For example, one can be fluent in Speaking Hindi, but not fluent in Reading and Writing Hindi. 
Listening/ Understanding
Other, not listed.
3. Please list the languages you are proficient in (Some combination of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, but not all 4)
4. Are you a native English speaker? 
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5. OR did you learn English as a second language? 
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6. I want my child(ren) to learn Malayalam (or target language) because
7. I speak to my child in Malayalam (or target language) at home. 
All the time
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8. My kids understand Malayalam (or target language), but don't speak.
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9. My child(ren) enjoy learning and speaking Malayalam (or target language)
Not at all
They love it!
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10. Have you used the BhashaKids flashcards yet? 
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11. We spend time using our heritage language outside of the heritage language class (ex reading, listening to music, watching movies, attending events, playing games, talking to family). 
All the time
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12. I'm willing to invest my time to help my kids, as well as invest in resources to build their language skills 
No, I don't have time.
Yes, I'm committed
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13. I expect my children to be fluent in Malayalam, in the following areas
14. I'm willing to invest my time to help reach our language goal. How much? 
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15. I'm willing to invest in resources (such as books, classes, learning aids, and media) to help reach our language goal. 
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16. Last question! You made it!

What are your expectations for this workshop? 
List some topics or questions you like us to cover. 
Optional: Tell us about one language strategy you've had success with. 
Optional: Tell us about one language grievance on your parenting journey, related to raising a multilingual family.  
Optional: Please list the Name & Age(s) of Child(ren)
Thanks for completing the survey! 

If you get a chance, before the session on Tuesday, watch this 5 minute video about how babies can learn multiple languages at the same time. 
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