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Please take time to read our volunteer statement below, and then compete and submit the volunteer application form below. If you have any questions please call our Community Relations team on 02 9854 7000

1. I understand that volunteering is at the discretion of Hope 103.2 and reserves the right to decline the applicant.
2. I understand and agree to the Mission Statement, Vision, Values and Objectives of Hope 103.2 and will do nothing to devalue them while I am working as a volunteer.
3. I will hold as confidential anything information I receive in the course of volunteering with Hope 103.2 including information on listeners, donors, sponsors, clients and staff with whom I work.
4. I will carry out my volunteer work in a responsible, ethical and sensitive manner.
5. I will advise the Hope 103.2 Reception team and/or Team Leader if I cannot attend times as agreed.
6. If any concerns or difficulties arise, I will discuss them with the Team Leader or Community Relations Manager promptly as soon as they arise.
7. I understand to volunteer at Hope 103.2 I must be 18 years or older
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