Agnus Dei Lutheran Gifts of Ministry Survey
From the 25 attributes listed below, choose 5 gifts of ministry you consider to be TOP PRIORITY, and then choose 5 gifts you consider to be VERY HELPFUL for our new half-time pastor/administrator.
Help people develop their spiritual life
Help people understand and act upon issues of social justice
Provide care and nurture
Be active in visitation of members and non-members
Be effective in working with children
Build a sense of community among the people with whom he/she works
Help others develop their leadership abilities and skills for ministry
Be an effective administrator
Be an effective communicator
Be an effective teacher
Encourage support of the Church's wider mission
Work regularly in the development of stewardship growth
Be active in ecumenical relationships
Be effective working with youth
Organize people for community action
Be skilled in planning and leading programs
Have a strong commitment and loyalty to the Lutheran Church
Understand and interpret the mission of the Church from a global perspective
Deal effectively with conflict
Bring joy and good humor to relationships
Be able to share leadership and work in a team
Be creative and innovative about his/her tasks
Be able to use technology and media
Appreciate cultural diversity in language and customs
Have talents in the areas of music, arts and writing
As we evaluate applicants for this half-time pastor/administrator, what other talents and skills should we look for?
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