ScullyRaptor's Commission Request Form
Hi! This form is meant to help organize important information about commission requests, but please be aware that I reserve the right to choose which commissions to take at my discretion. Once I have received your request, I will contact you to discuss any questions or concerns and/or arrange for payment (I accept Paypal, Square Cash, Zelle, Google Wallet, Amazon Gift Cards, Target Gift Cards, Western Union and MoneyGram).
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Please let me know the name you go by online
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Email Address *
Please give me the best email address to reach you with. I will be contacting you by email to discuss your commission and send your high-res/web-res scans!
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Picarto/Tigerdile Username
So I can identify you in the stream (if applicable)
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Social Media Accounts
Please list (DeviantArt, Furaffinity, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Weasyl, Furry Network) for tagging purposes when I post your finished art online :)
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Commission Info
Commission Size *
[Abbreviation Key: Flats=Flat Digital Color, MC=Marker Color, SDC=Shaded Digital Color] Backgrounds, complex characters, and additional characters cost extra. All commissions larger than Bust size can be mailed to you at an additional cost (if digital color, will include both original drawing and color print). Inquire about international rates or convention pickup :D
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Optional Upgrades
How Would You Like the Finished Piece Sent? *
Badge Name
If you are getting a badge, what name would you like on the badge?
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Character Info
If the artwork you are requesting will include multiple characters, Please include the info for each character in the questions below :) If you want multiple artworks (for example, two badges or two pinups, etc) Please submit a separate form for each item. Telegram sticker sets (multiple reacts/moods) can be described in one submission request.
Character Name
The name of the character I will be drawing, so I can include it in submission info/tags :)
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What species or type of animal is your character considered (if any)? This is mostly for my own reference.
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References *
Link accurate references here. Please make sure to include any important markings or features. Additional written description/clarification is welcome if necessary. If upgrading an existing sketch/ink, please also describe (i.e. "The sketch I got from you at Furfright in 2012") or link the image to be colored below.
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What type of pose and/or expression would you like? Are they doing something? Feel free to link reference or include a short description.
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What type of clothing (if any) should your character be wearing? Please provide links if you have something very specific in mind that may require reference.
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Important Accessories/Markings
Are there details that your character MUST have in this picture? Such as glasses, collars, tattoos, necklaces, earrings, cell phones... anything that you would like to make sure that I don't forget!
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Permission to stream commission live: *
If you would like to watch, what time(s) are best for you? (please include your timezone)
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