Renewal Group E - Mourning with Hope
All information on this form is strictly confidential. Your answers will help the group counselor understand the needs of the group and of each participant. It will also allow the staff to discern if this group experience is a good fit with your counseling needs at this moment. Lastly, it allows potential participants to review and to commit to the policies for group membership and the guidelines for group meetings.
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Reasons for joining the Renewal Group
What concerns have led you to be interested in this Renewal Group? *
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Tell us about the loss you experienced, including how recent the loss was and your relationship to your loved one. *
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Do you have any previous support group or therapy group experience? *
If yes, please describe what kind, when and for how long. If no, write "None"
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What other sources of care and growth do you have?
Examples: Are you in a church small group? Are you receiving care from your church diaconate? Have you sought pastoral counsel regarding this group topic?
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Information about counseling experience and needs:
Note: this information is completely confidential and available only to the program director and group counselor.
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Name of current counselor or therapist
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Contact information for current counselor:
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Do you currently see a psychiatrist?
If you do, please give his your psychiatrist's name and contact info. If not, leave this blank.
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Do we have permission to contact your counselor and/or psychiatrist?
We would only make contact if we need feedback on whether this therapy group is a good fit for you right now.
Psychiatric medications currently taking, if any:
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Have you ever been hospitalized for psychiatric purposes? *
Have you attempted suicide in the last 12 months? *
If "yes" to either of the last two questions, please give us some details on the circumstances:
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Are there any other counseling-related issues you want us to know about?
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Group member commitments
Group Guidelines: *
I have read the "Group Guidelines" on the web page, and I commit to follow these guidelines during every meeting.
Confidentiality Commitment: *
In particular, I affirm that I have read the confidentiality rules in the "Group Guidelines" and I agree to hold the identity of each group member and all content discussed within the group in confidence. I also understand that breaking this commitment may entail dismissal from the group.
Full Cycle, Weekly Attendance: *
I commit to attend every group meeting weekly for the duration of the cycle, and to make any arrangements necessary to make participation in this group a top priority. If I cannot attend regularly, I will enroll in a future cycle, to make room for another participant who is able to more fully engage in the group.
Monthly Fee Payment: *
I have commit to payment of the first monthly payment online via the RCS website. I understand that the fee to maintain membership in this group is $200 per month to be paid at the beginning of the month (or the start of every 4 weeks). I understand we cannot allow for refunds, except in cases involving serious emergencies or long-term illness.
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