SFF Book Bonanza - Single-Author List Builder (April 2020)
A customised viral giveaway that offers a chance to win a select prize for entrants willing to subscribe to the newsletter of the sponsoring author (and them alone). Hosted by Dean F. Wilson on the SFF Book Bonanza website.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy authors only. No erotica.

This giveaway is intended to help authors gain new subscribers. You will receive signups *directly* to your mailing list (where we recommend you have double opt-in). To track the numbers, we suggest using a new sign-up form just for this giveaway. Each giveaway will be for one author only, addressing any element of "newsletter fatigue" readers may have.

You do *not* require a large mailing list to participate (all you need is a sign-up link), nor are you required to share the promo (though feel free to reward your existing readers with an entry). You are, however, encouraged to plug it via social media.

The giveaway will be hosted on a unique page, provided at the launch of the promo. I will design a graphic for the giveaway.

There are no guarantees for the number of subscribers you may get, but obviously the larger prizes will result in higher numbers and are easier to promote. The $500 packages will receive considerable attention from me throughout their duration.

Cost: varies (see below)

There will be a limited number of these promos, so get in quick.


For more info and future promos, join the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sffpromos/
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Your promo will run for a month, unless it's a $500 package, which can run for up to three months. Custom promos may run for varied amounts of time, but a higher spend is required for longer durations, as these will be taking up slots on the SFF Book Bonanza site.
If you chose Custom, detail your proposed giveaway below (ideas may include paperbacks, swag kits, etc.). Include prize cost.
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Payment Info:
Send payment by PayPal to: deanfwilson@gmail.com

Direct PP link: https://www.paypal.me/deanfwilson

If you would like to offset the PayPal fee, send an additional 10% (i.e. $110 for the $100 Promo). Write your author name and promo name in the PayPal description field to make it easier to match payment with form submission. US dollars only.

Payment goes towards the cost of the prize, Facebook ads, and admin.
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