2016-17 nConnect Event Request
Please use the form provided to request our CRLE events for this schoolyear. Should you experience any issues with the online form, please contact us and we will provide you with a physical copy.
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Event Types:
Panel Discussion:
Our most casual event. Students will arrive prepared with questions and an nConnect staff member will act as moderator. Questioning involves simple questions on career and academic experiences and advice for students. Depending upon number of speakers, each volunteer will have 2-3 minutes to provide an answer to each question, but are not required to utilize the full amount of time. Following the initial queries by the moderator, students will have the ability to ask their questions to the panelists.

Speed Networking:
A great way to share information and opportunities with a class. Small groups of students prepared with questions will rotate every 7-10 minutes between professionals. Students will introduce themselves, and then volunteers will have the floor to introduce themselves and talk about their careers, education, experiences, and share general insights with students. Following the volunteers’ speeches, students will then have the chance to ask questions before rotating to the next volunteer.

Mock Interviews:
Each student will be assigned a volunteer who will interview them for about 10-15 minutes. We will ring a bell to signal a 2 minute warning, giving volunteers time to wrap up the interview and provide feedback to the student. After 2 minutes have passed, the bell will ring again. The students will then rotate to a new volunteer (and the volunteer will get a new student) and the process will repeat.

Resume Workshop:
There will be a small group of students seated at each table. Students will have multiple copies of their resume. Volunteers will be given approximately 10-15 minutes with each group to review all resumes and offer sound advice about how they can be improved. Two minutes prior to each rotation, a bell will ring to allow volunteers to wrap up current conversations. When those two minutes are up another bell will ring, the students will rotate to the next table, and volunteers will have a new batch of resumes to evaluate.

Guest Speakers:
We can bring in individuals or small groups to directly discuss their careers, education, and insights with your students.

Academic Judges and Project Advisers:
We can source professionals to assist in student competitions and academic projects.

Are there any other details you would like us to know (e.g. industries to be represented, return volunteers from last year, etc.)?
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