PhyloMeth usage or enrollment
This course is possible through funding by the National Science Foundation (CAREER grant), U. of Tennessee, Knoxville (my salary, facilities, etc.), and the taxpayers and students who support each. Tracking usage is important.
Optional but helpful. As is all this information
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All are welcome: I just have the most likely positions as check boxes, but if you don't fit in a box, please use other.
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Membership in underrepresented groups
One of NSF's missions is to improve the diversity of people in science, so it's useful to see if this course helps with that. I'm using NSF's categories for groups, and the recommended form from collecting from, I believe. All questions are optional.
Are you Hispanic or Latino?
Select groups in which you identify as a member
Again, using categories from the National Center for Education Statistics
Primary country of residence/citizenship
NSF focuses mainly on diversity in the US, though I hope we have participants from around the globe
Background knowledge
Self-assessment of knowledge of students
How extensive is your knowledge of comparative methods?
Extremely little
Check all the things you feel reasonably skilled in
"Reasonably skilled" is vague. I'd use the criterion of "if you had a weekend to work on one of these areas, would it be hard?"
Other questions, things you want to get out of the class, other info about your background?
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