Wedding Agreement Form (Members)

The Hunter Hill First Missionary Baptist Church family extends their congratulations to you as you plan such a very special event, a Wedding. We hope that these guidelines will help you to plan a church wedding that will be a source of joy to you for years to come, as you look back on the Wedding day.

This Agreement is entered into between The Hunter Hill First Missionary Baptist Church (hereinafter referred to as “HHFMBC”) and the “Requestor”.

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    This agreement is entered into with Christian love, respect and understanding. As a member of the Hunter Hill First Missionary Baptist Church, we are happy that you are having your wedding in our church home. We’d like to wish you every bit of happiness in your new life. Questions are often asked concerning the use of the church for weddings, so the Wedding Ministry and the staff ministers have worked out a few facility use guidelines for your convenience.


    “A Christian wedding is a particular way of worshiping God and acknowledging the Lordship of Jesus Christ in your marriage.” This statement by M. Lawrence Snow in the booklet, Your Ministry of Planning a Christian Wedding, reminds us that a church wedding is a service of worship which celebrates not only the commitment of the bride and groom to one another but also that God and faith are central to the marriage covenant. Your desire to have a church wedding is indicative of the fact that you want to ask God’s blessing upon your marriage. To this end we suggest that you carefully study the wedding service information included in this packet. The purpose of a Christian marriage is not to put on a show, but to symbolize a pledge made before God and the community of faith as you confess your covenant of love to one another. This guide is developed to help you plan your Christian wedding considering what this ministry regards as a proper church ceremony.


    It is advisable to make your wedding arrangements as far in advance as possible. As soon as the date of your wedding is determined, call the church office to reserve your date on the church calendar. Event dates may not reserve more than six months in advance. It is expected that the Pastor of the church will officiate at all weddings. The bride and groom should invite other clergy to perform or participate in the service only after consulting with the Pastor of HHFMBC. The Pastor reserves the right to extend the invitation to a guest Pastor/Minister. If the Pastor either cannot perform the wedding ceremony or the couple requests another minister to perform the ceremony, the Pastor must approve a guest minister/pastor at least (1) month prior to the wedding ceremony. Please call the church office to set up an appointment with the Pastor at least two months prior to your wedding.


    For members of the Hunter Hill First Missionary Baptist Church, it is the responsibility of the bridal couple to schedule an appointment for pre-marriage counseling, under the guidance of the Pastor (or his designee). These sessions are required of all couples planning a wedding at this church.


    The Wedding Facilitator of HHFMBC will work directly with you in making arrangements for the use of the church during the planning stages involving the wedding ceremony. Please call the Wedding Facilitator at the Church Office (404.753.8185) as soon as your date has been confirmed, to set up an appointment.


    Any desired decorations and/or decorative equipment must be furnished by the wedding party. This includes all rented equipment (i.e. prayer benches, candelabras, aisle cloths, flowers, baskets, bells, round tables, linens, service ware, etc.). Care must be taken to protect the church property against damage. The following regulations MUST BE OBSERVED and should be called to the attention of your florist, and wedding facilitator. • No nails, tacks, staples or tape may be used to attach decorations or equipment to the walls, woodwork, furniture or floors. • If lighted candles are used, non-drip candles are required to insure that candle drippings do not drop on the carpets or woodwork. • Flowers will be in containers, urns, stand, or flower tables. Nothing will be placed on the piano, organ or communion table. Communion Table cannot be removed at any time. • All decorations must be removed from the sanctuary and fellowship hall immediately following the wedding. If rental offices are not available to pick up equipment until Monday, decorative equipment must be placed in a central location in the fellowship hall.


    We want you to have a beautiful, momentous and special event however there are a few guidelines that must be adhered to: 1. Absolutely no flash photos should be taken during the prayer. 2. Videos may be made from the choir loft area or in the designated areas of the church sanctuary as stipulated by the Media Ministry. 3. There will be no standing on the church furniture by the photographer or anyone taking pictures.


    The wedding service is a sacred ceremony involving the blessing of God and therefore all phases of the ceremony, including the music, should be sacred. The purpose of the music is to prepare the listener for the ceremony that is to follow. As you had chosen a church wedding, the music utilized must be appropriate for church. Our church Minister of Music must approve all music selections at least 2 weeks prior to the ceremony.


    A request for the use of the fellowship hall must be made at the time the wedding is put on the church calendar. Basic rules for decorations should be followed as outlined under decorations, however there is some flexibility. Any changes outside of the decoration requirement must be discussed and approved by HHFMBC wedding facilitator at least 2 months prior to the ceremony or ASAP. Those using the kitchen are expected to leave it in order and it is requested that the caterers are aware of this. HHFMBC kitchen supplies will not be available for caterers use. Caterers must furnish what is needed. Additionally, all caterers must follow all HHFMBC policies regarding kitchen use and will work under the direction of the assigned HHFMBC Cuisine Ministry representative, for the respective event.


    All Facility Use fees and Ministry Service fees must be paid in full prior to the event day as stipulated in the Facility Use Agreement. Any honorariums or gifts to the Pastor/Minister, Organist, Caterers, Wedding Facilitator, Florist and Vocalist or other service vendors should be handled personally with those performing the respective services, and preferably prior to the start of the service. The Requestor agrees to pay the fees according to the Fee Schedule below. The listed fees have been calculated based on specific space(s), for use of a period of no more than two and one half (2.5) hours of event time, and an additional two and one half (2.5) hours of preparation time (1.5 hours before and 1 hour after event). Any additional time required will be assessed additional fees at a rate of $50/hr.
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    All members of the wedding party, friends, guest, family and other affected parties, must observe the following rules: 1. The church will be open two (2) hours before the time of the wedding; and will be closed one (1) hour after the wedding ceremony. 2. If the reception is to take place in the fellowship hall immediately following the wedding ceremony, two (2) hours will be allowed for the reception. If decorating the hall, plan to begin decorating at least two (2) hours prior to the start of the event. If decorating during the ceremony, please note that the use of hall for the reception may not be delayed if decorations are incomplete. If event extends beyond agreed time period, additional fees will be assessed. Since the fellowship hall is used for many functions it is important that you discuss your plans with the wedding facilitator. 3. No smoking is permitted ANYWHERE in or on the church property. 4. No eating or drinking is permitted in the church sanctuary or any other areas of the church outside the fellowship hall. 5. THE WEDDING MUST BEGIN ON TIME. The Pastor, as well as the other ministry workers, each have personal obligations and may not be able to complete the service for your event/wedding if a substantial delay (of more than 30 minutes) occurs. Please be considerate of everyone’s time and willingness to help make your day special. A charge of $50/hr will be assessed for delays exceeding 30 minutes. 6. It is mandatory that a security officer be present at all times during your event(s). The expense of hiring security officers will be assessed directly to the Requestor. (See Facility Use fee schedule) 7. REHEARSALS MUST BEGIN AND END ON TIME. Rehearsals must not exceed one and a half (1.5) hours. If the rehearsal dinner is held at the church a total of three (3) hours will be allowed during the same day/night. Any extended use will incur a fee of $25.00 per ½ hour. 8. The Wedding car must be decorated prior to arriving on church grounds. 9. No Alcoholic beverages of any kind may be served or consumed on the church premises. 10. Communion will only be served to the Bride & Groom. 11. Smoke/fog machines are not permitted in the sanctuary. 12. Security services are required to be secured for both the Rehearsal and Wedding, at the rates listed on the latest Summary of Contract Fee Schedule. The approved security service is stipulated by HHFMBC.


    A wedding at HHFMBC is considered a service of worship. Therefore, you will want to familiarize yourself with the following guidelines.  Before the wedding service, please confer with the wedding facilitator about the pictures to be taken.  Please plan to take any photos involving the Pastor immediately following the ceremony.  The Conference Room off the Main Lobby will serve as a dressing room for the bride.  The groom and best man generally wait in the Pastor’s Study.  If you have any questions prior to the wedding date, please contact the church wedding facilitator assigned above.


    A wedding at HHFMBC is considered a service of worship. Therefore, please familiarize yourself with these guidelines:  Flowers and decorations must be in place no later than one (1) hour proceeding the published wedding start time. Please call the church to schedule a time for decorating.  Altar flowers are to be arranged in altar vase liners. All flowers, palms, and potted greenery must be placed in containers to prevent damage to church furnishings from moisture.  Please use plastic clips for pew markers.  The use of tape, nails, screws, and wire to decorate is not permitted. Plastic protectors provided by the florist must be placed under all candelabras to protect the carpeting.  All flowers, corsages, and boutonnieres may be delivered to the Fellowship Hall. Please coordinate delivery time with Wedding Facilitator/Church.  Flower stands, etc., should be removed from the church building immediately after the wedding activities have been completed. If rental offices are not available to pick up equipment until Monday (or next available business day), equipment must be placed in a central location in the fellowship hall. HHFMBC will not be responsible for any damaged/stolen equipment.  If you have any questions prior to the wedding date, please contact the church Wedding Facilitator, named in this agreement.