London Bel Canto Festival Academy 2018
Event Timing: 6-18 August 2018
Event Address: King Charles Court, Royal Naval College, London SE10 9JF
Contact us at +44 78810 45726 or

Some scholarships may be made available according to funding.

Course fee: (Course fee does not include 2 week housing £350 shared double or £650 single)
Plan A: £2,000 - singing lessons, coaching, and masterclass everyday
Plan B: £1,250 - half the amount listed above

One week: Plan A (£1,250)
One week: Plan B (£700)

Auditing Only (Two weeks - £750)
Auditing Only (One week - £500)

One day rate (£150) - One day's activities: Private Singing Lesson, Vocal Coaching, Master Class etc.

If you would like to submit an application in consideration for the festival recital series, you will need to fill out a separate application and provide the relevant information to the panel.

Email address *
Please tell us which you are applying for? *
Please note that priority well be given to those applying for the full two-week academy, after which spaces will be allocated to those wishing to study for a single week. If there remain spaces in lessons and master classes for individuals seeking to take part on an ad hoc basis they will be notified at the beginning of August. Those seeking ad hoc lessons will be ineligible for scholarships, and the fee will be assessed based on the desired participation. Different scholarships may be available.
Housing Option *
The fee is £650 for a private studio room (£350 for a double occupancy room) with kitchen facilities and en-suite bathroom for 6-18 August 2018, but does not include food. Greenwich has many restaurants and supermarkets where you may purchase food that you can prepare for yourself.
Personal Information
Please note that your personal information will not be used for any reason other than for purposes of this application and will not be forwarded onto any third party without your consent.
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Birthdate *
Please note that the lower age limit for students from the EU and non-EU are different. The lower age limit for EU students is 16 years old, while the limit for applicants from outside the EU is 18 years. There is no upper age limit.
Education and Professional Experience
Voice Type *
What best describes your level?
If you have a website or professional Facebook page, please submit it here, but please do not submit a personal Facebook page.
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Education *
What is the highest level of education in vocal performance that you have achieved? If you have not received formal conservatoire education in music, please describe your private musical studies. If your application and recordings are found to acceptable, not having studied at a conservatoire will NOT impact your acceptance or participation in the festival or academy in any way.
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Who is your current / most recent singing teacher? *
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Personal Statement *
Please use this area to describe your musical training, greatest influences and future aspirations. Please also let us know why you would like to attend the academy at the London Bel Canto Festival. (There is no specified word limit.)
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CV and Repertoire List
Please email your CV & Repertoire list (PDF format preferred) to Please make sure that your CV and repertoire lists are no longer than 1 (one) page each. You may also submit information you think would help us to decide on your application for a recital by email as well.
Please have at least one recommendation from a professional who is well-acquainted with your voice forwarded to Please list name and contact of the referee in the space provided. If you are unable to provide a recommendation, please use this space to explain why.
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Audition Recordings
Please submit the URL to at least 2 (two) representative recordings (video preferred) of your live performances that are recent and unedited. Professionally edited audio and video is discouraged, but will not be rejected. You may submit a URL to YouTube, Sound Cloud, Google Drive, OneDrive or other cloud services. If you would like to submit more than three recordings, you may submit them with your CV. If you are unable to provide representative recordings, please include your reasons in the email with your CV and Repertoire list. If you can't provide the recordings, please give an explanation.
Recording 1
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Recording 2
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Recording 3
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If you could have anything, what might be on your wishlist for this program. (Optional)
Use this space to tell us something that you think would be a wonderful addition to our summer program. Obviously we have world-renowned teachers and coaches, master classes, recitals and performances. But, we are looking for ideas like, 'I would love a round table discussion with the experts,' or something like this. Feel free to use this space as you like.
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How did you hear about the academy? *
Please indicate here that you understand that all participants will be expected to behave as professional artist and will be treated as such. While in London you will be representing the London Bel Canto Festival and this is a privilege than can be revoked at any time during the festival. Please also acknowledge that you understand that you will not have a chaperone or a 'minder' during your time in London, and are expected to be autonomous and self-governing. *
Would you like personalised feedback on your application? *
While there is no fee for this application, there is a fee for personalised feedback. You are not required to get feedback, but should you wish to have it, please pay £35 to via PayPal to
Please also indicate that all the information you have provided is true to the best of your knowledge and have not knowingly provided false or misleading information. *
Please acknowledge that you are required to secure your own insurance, and that the LBCF is not responsible for accidents or injury while in London. *
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